Budget Mate – Business Intelligence 4 Everyone

Budget Mate – Business Intelligence for Everyone, is a tool for reporting income and expenses but not only… it can be easily connected to any ERP to produce reports and KPIs (performance indicators).

But what is Business Intelligence? In simple terms, it is the set of processes and technologies that allows you to translate an impressive set of historical and forecast data into important information capable of guiding business decisions.

Budget Mate is designed to be functional and fast, useful for small businesses; helps guide the budget process, and provides an expandable platform for the reporting and business control process.

It allows you to check the company’s performance at a glance, and compare it with the budget and the previous year.

With Budget Mate – Business Intelligence for everyone, the management control of your company can be easily automated, you can always carry it with you, and you can show it to your partners via graphs and personalized reports produced in real-time.